Kilmore, one of the oldest settled towns inland in Victoria, provides a lovely rural community not too far from Melbourne in which to own property. There are several different types of property available in this rural community, such as houses, lifestyle properties, farms, hobby farms, and acreage. Before you search for real estate in Kilmore to purchase, you should have an idea of what might be available.

In a small town like Kilmore, you can just find houses in the city limits that have a lower cost than houses in urban and suburban areas, allowing you the opportunity to live in a larger home within the same budget. You can also find property with acreage, often outside of town. Additionally, you can find farms, whether for a commercial production or just for a hobby. Lifestyle properties are those that have amenities that enhance the overall quality of life. They often are larger homes and well at a higher cost.

Once you have an idea of the type of property and the location you want, as well as your budget, it is time to work with the real estate agents at Ruralco to find the perfect real estate in Kilmore for your budget and situation. The agents are locals, so they have local insight to assist you in finding the perfect location. They specialise in rural property, so they will be able to answer important questions about rural living. They work with a comprehensive database, making it easy to enter in your requirements and find the ideal property for you.

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